About Us

We see five fundamental problems that businesses encounter with regard to their energy. We focus on solutions that confront these issues and give unique solutions.


  • Rising Energy Costs
  • Reduced Capital Expenditure Budgets
  • Focus on Carbon Reduction
  • Energy Resilience
  • Clean and Secure Energy

We select the appropriate technologies for your scale, available footprint and power, heating and cooling needs.

We work with your team to ensure the engineering is robust and provides the fail safes to ensure your operations are resilient.

Your fall-back position (if we go OFF) will always be to seemlessly revert to grid power and your existing power solutions, with sufficient time to respond.


Feedback from Energnostic analysis

"The whole process was fast, very thorough and showed us savings we would never have found. The most impressive part was the knowledge of global manufacturing and the understanding of our needs. The range of products is amazing and even more remarkable when you are shown how they can be combined. We are currently looking to engage on the rest of our sites"

— M. Jones, Site Manager